[sic], 2017

BA thesis (in English); 50 copies (128p.)
Self published - Short-listed for Gerrit Rietveld Academie Awards

"The thesis [sic] is a fascinating poetic-theoretical fragment on the figure of Narcissus as conceptual and rhizomatic virus, and as a double of the artist and the creative process in a broader sense. Narcissus appears through a series of heteronyms: poet, junkie, queer, mantis, acephalus to contaminate a constellation of cultural objects, artworks and key philosophical and literary texts. The text demonstrates a capacity to experiment and achieves a cohesive; yet open form of writing involving practice, poetry and visual collage."

Alena Alexandrova (Thesis supervisor)

Graphic design: G. Tsiongas, F. Simons
Editing: I. van der Spek

Thesis Salon | Selected 2017 | PDF