Crooners: Holographic Recordings, 2021 - ongoing

Poetry collection (in English); (24p.) & digital object
Ongoing project 

Crooners is a hybrid of poetry and ongoing digital object that I am currently developing on an online platform. It starts with a dense poetic body that acts as a score for further notes, directions, incarnations, and it connects mainly to cinematic territory.

Thematically, my reference pool sources material from the vocabulary of Hollywood and Las Vegas. My emphasis lies on how to use some of that corrosiveness in combination with other linguistic and cultural elements in order to re-synthesise their potential when it comes to myth and illumination. In this regard, what takes place in the background is an alchemical process, during which the dimension of show business is channeled in favor of a mystique of rotten freshness.

Verse as oracle or a film director's key notes. Through the lens of iconology I am trying to develop a new way of writing a virtual cinematic diary or to develop a cinematic reading of a long poem. I see this project as a poetic score in the making that can incorporate any type of media in the near future.

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