Arietta, 2020

    Poetry collection (in English); 64 copies (32p.)
    Self published - Graphic design: M. Musteikyte & D. Verweij

The graphic design of Arietta borrows elements from early programming languages & punched cards.
The body of the book has been pierced with 16 holes (from cover to back cover), a feature that balances out the attention from text to object.

Arietta has been designed with an 8-step logic with the intention to serve as a future blueprint for new infrastructures beyond the printed page. The body of Arietta is 32 pages long with every page consisting of 2 separate paragraphs of 8 verses each.
The 2 paragraphs interact with each other using a dual numbering sequence that prompts the reader to explore an augmented reading potential.

The book is an exercise in artificial thought & moreover a wager:
When does writing become a post-sensual process? When does a post-sensual process become writing?