Ultraface, 2019 (Co-writer for Alex Murray's piece)

Installation; Live, programmed video and traditional video (20')
Sandberg Instituut Graduation Show, Radical Cut-Up, Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam, NL

I co-scripted a text to accompany a code by artist/coder Alex Murray (MFA, Sandberg Institute) & helped him develop some of the ideas of the project further. The program is accessing a thousand CCTV cameras all over the world based on tagging. The code feeds from that pool & spits out a real-time programmed sequence of images for around 12 minute in a loop. Having set the parameters in advance (e.g. Japan, 2 seconds, highway) & connecting the lines of code to a sound database) the project secures a live audiovisual layer that shuffles in every loop, & for the rest we scripted the text to go along by producing on top of it a voice-over. Thus, the text/audio layer always remains the same yet awaiting an unknown real time image layer to connect to.

The idea is to implement a coding infrastructure of surveillance in order to bring to discussion the technological notions we have to renegotiate with when it comes to rendering, storing and processing information in real time, i.e. buffering history. In the process of doing so, we placed the emphasis on the infrastructure of cinema and its affect.

ultraface ultraface ultraface ultraface

Ultraface | Alex Murray