Sunbaker, 2019 (Collaboration with Alex Murray)

Installation for UV light and sound (11')
Rietveld Pavilion, Amsterdam, NL 

Sunbaker is a dual audio sculture produced for tanning bed.

The time-based piece tries to facilitate a sonic cinematic experience for 1 individual in the course of 10-15 minutes, i.e. a typical session in a tanning salon. The piece incorporates the UV technology as an interface rather than a goal since the device is there in order for the person to connect to a sound piece environment. The sound will travel through 2 speakers horizontally, tip to toe, while the person is lying down in the tanning bed, for the same amount of time the UV lamp session lasts.
The device here is a surrogate of projection or screening, so that the piece opens up potentially to a new mode of experiencing cinematic affect, extending from the flat screen into an immersive experience. The sound design and voice-over of the piece try to synthesize virtualities & point to artificial perspectives, bombarding the participant with a lush digital infrastructure. The use of digital SFX along with the disjointed identity of the voice-over adds to the experimental setting where a synaesthetic modality is being invoked, & how connectivity with external stimuli could be renegotiated when tweaking one’s plasticity of perception.

Sunbaker | Alex Murray