Shrink Cocktail II, 2018

Performance: 1-1 (15' per session)
Butcher's Tears, Amsterdam, NL

A series of 1-1 performances that trade in cryptic self-actualisation

To activate Shrink Cocktail II, I get a deal with a bar and I put up a few posters in the place on the same day that the performance is going to take place. The information on the poster prompts people to book a free ‘appointment’ with me and my contact details are generously provided in the poster. I receive messages and I choose to interact or not. As soon as I do, we arrange to meet with one person and we proceed to the back room. We both continue having our drinks. The session is free to go anywhere and soon enough in most cases intimacy is experienced from both sides. The initiative of these sessions is touching upon trust in communication and the modified space we need to construct in order to feel trust and open up. The paradox is that a bar is a place where this is meant to occur naturally. In regards to experimenting with subjectivity in this case, the approach is more direct and it tries to work with dissociating roles in social environments.

The sessions are meant to last 5-10 minutes yet I don’t allow myself to end them on my own initiative, thus reversing the analyst-patient agenda. (In Butcher’s Tears Brewerie, I happened to stay in sessions that lasted almost an hour.)