conveyance, 2022

audio, installation
hybrida AiR: [capture], Alvsbäcka, SE 

conveyance is a series of one-to-one boat ride interviews I conducted with various participants of the Hybrida Artist-in-Residence program on lake Gräsmången in western Sweden. None of the conversations had a prefixed subject and they were rather shaped by chance, mood, and weather patterns. For each ride, I recorded the audio for only the second half so basically only for the return trip to the shore.

The audio recordings were then fed to a granular synth app that reshuffled them algorithmically. This process has broken any sense of linearity, making phrases and sounds come and go randomly (like waves), thereby rendering the sound material in a new erratic reference to itself. The result can be described as a custom audio portrait of the experience of every trip, and an attempt to mirror and play with the dynamic, alchemical nature of memory. The installation view included a mixed audio track in a loop and the boat in space.

The final work was exhibited in the attic of one of the buildings on the site.

Hybrida AiR