apophenia: a score, 2021

Poetry, installation, and a sound piece by A. Murray
Moisture Technē, Hybrida AIR, Alvsbäcka, SE 

/ throw 0 no words. the ambience of ice cracking. opening a random page.
This is a diptych installation work that tries to visualise poetry as a chance operator.

/ upstairs / 24 sheets of A1 paper glued on the floor with wallpaper glue. A plexy glass cube containing two unused precision dice (casino dice). The audience is free to walk on the paper surface of 3,6m x 3,3m and devise their own sequence of reading.
/ downstairs / This was an old industrial room full of moisture and rust. The decay of the space led to only a few interventions: I used a short video of a female AI narrator to act as an oracle or a silent hologram, repeating a message never destined to arrive. Furthermore, artist Alex Murray provided me with an instrumental minimal soundpiece, 30 minutes long, that was playing on a loop, the theme of which had to do with the sinking of a ship, which I used as metaphor for language in the tradition of French symbolism.

Hybrida AiR | Alex Murray