Agape, 2016

Performance (28 hours, split in 7 parts) 
Texel, NL

For the annual Lange Juni culture month on Texel, & over the course of a week, I spent more than a full day in total being inside a sheep pasture at the reformed church in Den Hoorn with 73 sheep & lambs. The first day I stayed in the field for 1 hour, the next day for 2 hours & so on, until a whole week had passed.

To activate this performance or simulation ritual I dictated my own silence and an improvised choreography of standing still, walking slowly, following and being followed back by sheep. By setting up for myself an exercise program & calling it Agape (=the highest form of love, charity), I followed a strict schedule of 7 days of "what to be not", thus reaching a sense of pastoral glitch: I am not a sheep & I am not a shepherd, simultaneously. The challenge here has to do with quantifying teleology and detachment, how to embody that & how to observe it. The question whether I succeeded or not doing that is a question turning back to itself, becoming irrelevant as soon as it is posed.

When the performance was over, I made 100 postcards and handed them around the village.