I’m glad you’ve already noticed, 2020

Group exhibition, co-curated with J. Torbiörnsson
Bruno Gallerian, Stockholm, SE

The exhibition “I’m glad you’ve already noticed” curated by Joar Torbiörnsson & Giorgos Tsiongas is an international group show spawning from the idea of heterotopia; opening on to a dissociative mode of curation & presentation. The invited artists are programming their heterotopias in a vintage shop which has suspended its original function temporarily. The works presented here come from various artists & disciplines yet what they all share perhaps is a common approach in testing or undermining not only our connection with common names, images or operations, yet our subjective orientation around them. Therefore, we would like to experiment with places within places and focus on their ions that have to do with transitions from one layer to the next. Our motivation is to create a viewpoint in flux, one that treats language, meaning or aesthetics in a flickering manner, and rather hint to what is quantified in the process.


Neoliberal values may trigger bad lagom thus we respond with an attempt to curate retail disorientation in a landscape that is very sharp. While our invited artists were coping with loneliness, we sent them four horsemen, who are lovers, to collect artworks. This complicated our relationship with them, as well as our plan to exploit a loophole in a Lagom Choice promotion and amass a billion frequent flyer miles by buying large quantities of brännvin.

F. B. Näsman | F. Jung | A. Lupu | A. Murray | L. Pedersen | R. Söderling | M. Son | J. Torbiörnsson / G. Tsiongas

Photos: Joakim Ström